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What are the basic instructions for your Brainwave Audio?

Simply select 1 of our 4 Brainwave Audio Tracks and listen to it while you do your daily affirmations or meditation routine. 

How long should I be listening to the audio?

As long or as short as you want. It really depends on the length of your daily affirmations or meditation routine. Simply listen to our audio while you undergo your daily affirmations or meditation routine. When you’re finished with your session, you can stop listening to our audio as well.

What's the difference between Theta and Delta Brainwaves and which one do you recommend?

Theta Brainwave Audio:

  • Frequency = 4-7 Hz
  • Associated with 1 Step Prior to Sleep State
  • Triggers More Super Learning & Reprogramming
  • Perfect for Daytime Affirmations and Meditation

Delta Brainwave Audio:

  • Frequency = 0-4 Hz
  • Associated with Sleep State
  • Triggers More Healing, Renewal, and Rejuvenation
  • Perfect for Nighttime Affirmations and Meditation

Our Recommendation:

Regardless of whether you listen to Theta or Delta Brainwaves, you will still receive all of the potential benefits, pretty equally. Therefore, we recommend you simply alternate the tracks. However, if a particular Brainwave resonates really well with you, then we recommend you stick with it. In other words, it’s completely up to you. Choose the Brainwave and tracks that you like best, or simply alternate them equally.

Can you provide free samples of your audio?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide free samples of our Proprietary Brainwave Audio.

What is the format of the audio files?


How many MP3 files are included?

4 MP3 Files: Theta Ocean Theta Rain Delta Ocean Delta Rain

How long is each MP3?

30 minutes each.

Once I download the audio, is it mine to keep forever?


Are there any download restrictions?

Yes. You may download from 3 devices maximum and you have up to 1 year to successfully download the audio. Please note that using a different browser on the same device counts as 2 devices.

Are headphones or earbuds/earplugs required?

Yes. Stereo headphones or earbuds/earplugs are required to maximize the effectiveness of the audio.

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